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Canadian Links

HI, my name is Brenda and I'm Canadian!!



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Links to Canadian Country Music Artists:

if I missed someone you would like to see here, please email me with the urlemail

Shania Twain!
Jason McCoy Homepage
Farmer's Daughter Homepage
Prairie Oyster Homepage
Paul Brandt-Canadian Man!!
Terry Clarke

Canadian Country Music Association

Send a card to Kith and Kin!!! 123Greetings


Links to Canadian Comedy Sites:

[A Gadzillion Things To Think About]

Did you ever wonder???

THE CENTER FOR THE EASILY AMUSED! The best comedy site on the web, and IT"S CANADIAN!!! She also has many links to more comedy.

Take a gander...
Compiled by Kathy
Walker of Victoria. Includes moderated chat room, loads of links.Gentle Humour!

YukYuks Comedy Club
A Joke a Day! Comedy horoscope updated monthly.

Midis with Lyrics
Bill Gates House
My Genealogy Page
About Me
The Better Half

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Now playing,"Maple Leaf Rag" for all you Canadian Country Music Lovers out there...*grin*